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Raising of USS Squalus

First raising of USS Squalus

The following is a listing of over 275 personal memorial pages on this site for the men who are known to have been lost while in service in the US Submarine Force  prior to World War II.  Approximately 67% of these men have photos on their pages.

Specifically, these are men who lost their lives while serving in the U.S. Submarine Force in the period from the year 1900 up to December 7, 1941.  Almost none of the submariners who died in this period were lost as a direct result of enemy action.

For information arranged by the name of the vessel, please view the listing of submarines that sustained losses prior to World War II.  There is also an "Additional Losses" page for listings of men were lost during this period while serving on vessels that were not sunk.

Photographs and personal information are lacking for many of our pre-WWII losses.

Click on a man's name to go to his personal memorial page on this site.  Photographs and personal information are needed as indicated in the column at right. 

  Name Photo
  Howard Joseph Abbott  Yes
  James Andrew Aitken  Yes
  Bruce Mason Anderson  Yes
  Larz Ernest Anderson  Needed
  Martin Anderson  Needed
  Ignacio Arbozo  Needed
  George Thomas Ashcroft  Yes
  Brewer Bernard Ballard  Yes
  Edward Burke Barrett  Needed
  Marvin Dale Barry  Yes
  John James Batick  Yes
  Frank Clinton Becton  Needed
  John Robert Belt  Needed
  Ralph Henry Benesch  Needed
  Paul Daniel Berk  Yes
  Frank Matthew Bernard  Yes
  Clarence Ferdinand Bethke  Yes
  Walter Bishop  Yes
  Earl Welsh Boone  Yes
  Henry Handy Brown  Yes
  Clark George Buck  Yes
  Charles Frederick Burrell  Yes
  Charles Beresford Calcott  Yes
  William Franklin Callaway  Yes
  John Campbell  Needed
  W. R. Cannady  Yes
  William Lester Cartwright  Yes
  Joshua Casey  Needed
  Elmer Lyfford Cash  Needed
  Neal Scaife Cash  Needed
  Ralph Edward Cassidy  Yes
  Earnest Clement Cauvin  Yes
  Leroy Eugene Chandler  Needed
  John Allan Chesnutt  Yes
  Earle Wayne Freed Childs  Yes
  Guy Hamilton Clark, Jr.  Needed
  Howard Burton Clough  Yes
  Robert Lyle Coffey  Yes
  Harley Colwell  Yes
  Ollie James Cooke  Needed
  Harry Le Roy Corson  Yes
  Walter Frank Covington  Yes
  Russell Archibald Crabb  Yes
  Henry Lee Crawford  Yes
  William Thomas Crute  Yes
  John Francis Cullen  Needed
  Jesse Mellon Currie  Needed
  Marvin W. Daglow  Needed
  Elvin Leon Deal  Yes
  Virgil Lee Dean  Needed
  George Luther Deeth  Yes
  William Henry Delamain  Yes
  William Dempsey  Needed
  Robert William Diefenbach  Yes
  Rodney H. Dobson  Yes
  John E. Dreffein  Needed
  John Edward Dufresne  Yes
  Charles Logan Eagleton  Yes
  Allen Clifford Earle  Yes
  Alfred Louis Ede  Yes
  John Henry Edwards  Yes
  James E. Egan  Yes
  Edmund Webster Egbert  Yes
  Harry Dick Elser  Needed
  Albert Timothy Faley  Yes
  Claire D. Fellds  Needed
  John Joseph Fennell  Yes
  Rudy Firm  Yes
  Graham Newell Fitch  Yes
  William J. Flaherty  Needed
  Lionel Hugh Fletcher  Yes
  Charles A. Ford  Yes
  Herbert Talmage Fost  Yes
  Edward George Foster  Yes
  Frederic David Foster  Yes
  James Dever Fowler  Yes
  Claude Edward Fuller  Needed
  Henry Arthur Gaddis  Needed
  Daniel Michael Galvin  Yes
  Robert Arnold Gardner  Yes
  Kenneth Ross Garrison  Yes
  Zanville Gartner  Needed
  Carlton Fred Gaskill  Needed
  Nathan Gersen  Yes
  Robert Franklin Gibbs  Yes
  John Law Gibson  Yes
  Harvey William Giles  Needed
  James George Gillies  Yes
  Frederick Gillman  Yes
  Turner Ashby Glascock  Yes
  Donald Fred Goering  Yes
  Francis Howard Golden  Yes
  James Goonan  Needed
  Simon Greenberg  Yes
  Francis Alvin Griffith  Yes
  Aliston Hills Grindle  Yes
  Eugene F. Gross  Needed
  Francis Lawrence Gruen  Yes
  Edward Manuel Guerrero  Yes
  Henry James Gunn  Yes
  Peder Haaland  Yes
  Norman Joseph Habel  Yes
  Edward Emerson Hall  Needed
  Edgar Wilson Hampson  Yes
  Dewey Victor Haney  Yes
  Buster Harris  Yes
  Joe Allan Hartzog  Yes
  James Dudley Haselden, Jr.  Yes
  John Plesent Hathaway  Yes
  Arnold Gilmer Henderson  Yes
  Gaddis Irwin Hendy  Yes
  Samuel E. Herman  Needed
  Frank Nephi Herzog  Yes
  Edwin Sylvester Hill  Yes
  Valentine Hiltbold  Yes
  Ira Dell Hixon  Yes
  Aaron A. Hodges  Yes
  Arthur Frederick Hodges  Yes
  Eugene Arthur Hoffman  Yes
  John H. Hoffman  Needed
  Merrill Sylvester Holmes  Yes
  Theodore Holst, Jr.  Needed
  Otho Hopewell  Needed
  Clyde Edward Hughes  Yes
  Francis Marion Hughson  Yes
  Lewis Mike Hurst  Needed
  Paul William Frederick Huschke  Yes
  Arthur Martin Jacobs  Needed
  Franklin Pierce James  Yes
  Walter John Jaskowiak  Yes
  Albert Florian Jenni  Yes
  Roy Kehlor Jones  Yes
  John Joseph Kasparowitz  Needed
  William Clarence Kaufman  Yes
  Alexander Biggs Keegan  Yes
  Paul Richard Kempfer  Yes
  Doyle Kervin  Needed
  Andrew George Kimbel  Yes
  John C. Klimach  Needed
  Joseph Kosman  Needed
  Levitt Edward Kruger  Yes
  Joseph John Kuczmarski  Needed
  Joseph Anthony Kunz  Needed
  Harold Holden Lang  Yes
  Walter Edward Lawton  Yes
  Royal Allen Leese  Yes
  Herman William Ley  Needed
  Brady Domone Lindsay  Needed
  Allan Hartley Littleford  Yes
  Charles Leonard Lockwood  Yes
  Joseph Logan  Yes
  William Franklin Logan  Needed
  J. H. Long  Yes
  Lyman Frederick Lovley  Yes
  Archie Hovis Lunger  Yes
  John George Lustig  Needed
  Austin Maeder  Needed
  Ivan Lenore Mahan  Yes
  Alden Armand Marcotte  Needed
  Arnold Marcus  Yes
  John Joseph Marino  Yes
  George Henry Martin  Needed
  Earl Leander Masters  Yes
  Charles David Maxson  Needed
  Theodore Gilyard May  Needed
  Huie King McAfee  Yes
  John Joseph McCarthy  Yes
  Wesley McCartney  Needed
  Ralph Edgar McClure  Yes
  Ralph Edward McCormack  Needed
  Joseph Alfred McGinley  Yes
  Alonzo Allison McKinley  Needed
  Joe Francis McMullen  Needed
  Duncan Archie McRae  Yes
  John Joseph McShane  Needed
  John Peter Albert Messang  Yes
  Grover Edwin Metz  Needed
  Thomas Theodore Metzler  Yes
  Chester Lee Miller  Yes
  Clifford L. Miller  Needed
  Oscar Joseph Milot  Yes
  Frank Lester Mims  Yes
  Horace Linken Moore  Yes
  Howard Fred Moore  Needed
  Joseph Layton Morrison  Needed
  Julian Knox Morrison, Jr.  Yes
  William Severin Nelson  Yes
  Robert S. Noble  Yes
  Fred Henry O'Shields  Yes
  Emile Albert Ouelette  Yes
  Timothy Albert Parker  Yes
  Joseph Hester Patterson  Yes
  James H. Peck  Yes
  George Pelnar  Yes
  Stanislaus Pestka  Needed
  Jesse Eugene Pettit  Yes
  Frank Charles Pierard  Yes
  Harlow Milton Pino  Yes
  John Joseph Powers  Yes
  Alfred Charles Priester  Yes
  Carl Harwood Ramsey  Needed
  Venancio Cariaga Ranjo  Needed
  William Richard Robinson, Jr.  Needed
  Rudolph James Rose  Yes
  Joseph Schaefer  Needed
  Theodore Schaiblin  Yes
  Frederick Peter Schneider  Yes
  James Marland Schofield  Yes
  Gustave August Schroeder  Yes
  Frank Henry Schulte  Yes
  John P. Schultz  Needed
  Ray Elsworth Scott  Yes
  Bascom Slemp Scyphers  Yes
  Roy Bernard Seaber  Needed
  Alfred Eugene Seaton  Yes
  William Joseph Sharkey  Yes
  Frank Archibald Shea  Needed
  John Joseph Sheehan  Yes
  Clarence Budge Shepherd  Yes
  Sherman Luther Shirley  Yes
  Roger Leslie Short  Yes
  Augustus Alexander Smith  Yes
  Don Smith  Yes
  Eddie Paul Smith  Needed
  Elbert Peshine Smith  Yes
  Fred Collins Smith  Needed
  Frank Snizek  Yes
  Herbert Eadleman Snyder  Yes
  Sam Eitel Sonnenburg  Yes
  Frank Amzi Spalsbury  Needed
  Joseph William Sternman  Yes
  Joseph Leighton Stevens  Yes
  Charles Henry Stewart  Needed
  Guy Raymond Stewart  Yes
  Dudley Stough  Yes
  James Stanley Strang  Yes
  Carl Bernice Strange  Yes
  Jack John Strong  Needed
  Clarence Weaver Sudsburg  Yes
  Joseph Garrett Supple  Needed
  Andrew Jack Taylor  Yes
  Mariano Tedar  Needed
  George Leonial Terrill  Needed
  Frederick Peter Teschemacher  Yes
  William Charles Teschemacher  Yes
  Alfred Charles Thiemann  Needed
  John Laurise Thomala  Yes
  Charles Carrol Thomas  Yes
  Raymond B. Thomas  Needed
  Arthur Royden Thompson  Needed
  Carl Harold Thompson  Needed
  Robert Preson Thompson  Yes
  Thomas Winslow Tillery, Jr.  Yes
  Walter Ross Tolson  Yes
  George Arthur Trever  Yes
  Steven Hartley Triffitt  Yes
  James Turbett  Yes
  Sidney Don Uhlik  Needed
  Earl Franklin Varner  Yes
  Bernard Joseph Venhaus  Yes
  Charles Fridley Vincent  Yes
  Calvin August Vollrath  Needed
  Louis Clinton Wagoner  Yes
  Thomas Alfred Walsh  Needed
  Marks P. Wangsness  Yes
  Marion Lawrence Ward  Yes
  James Reid Webb  Yes
  Christian Joseph Webber  Needed
  Russell Barnell Weibye  Needed
  Robert Ross Weld  Yes
  Donald Weller  Yes
  Charles Harris Wells  Yes
  Horace Elmer Whitaker  Yes
  Charles Clifford White  Needed
  James Johnson White  Yes
  Robert Holland Wills  Needed
  Floyd Manford Wilson  Needed
  Frank Collins Wiseman  Yes
  Henry A. Withers  Yes
  William Charles Wolf  Yes
  Charles Myron Woods  Yes
  Clyde William Wyatt  Needed
  Fred Gardner Yarnell  Yes
  Ernest Armando Zambon  Needed

Please note that Robert C. Sismore, previously listed on this page, was transferred off his submarine before the explosion that took the lives of four of his shipmates.

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