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Howard Livingston Roeder

UDT-10 Roeder (KIA), Carpenter, Black (KIA), MacMahon (KIA) and Ball
H. L. Roeder (far left)

 Silver StarPurple Heart Prisoner of War Medal

Rank/Rate Chief Gunner's Mate
Service Number 680 10 60
Birth Date March 13, 1915
From Hollywood, California
Decorations Silver Star, Purple Heart, Prisoner of War Medal
Command Part of a Special Reconnaissance Detachment carried aboard USS Burrfish (SS-312)
Loss Date August 20, 1944*
Location Gagil Tomil, Yap
Circumstances Taken prisoner while on reconnaissance mission. Executed in captivity.
Remarks Howard was born in Ontario, California.

*Date of capture, according to Japanese sources.
Photo and information from USS Burrfish Reconnaissance of Yap on 13 August 1944. Additional information also from Sue Ann Dunford, author of More Than Scuttlebutt - U.S. Navy Demolition Men in WWII.


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  Roeder, Howard Livingston

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