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USS-A-7 (Shark) (SS-8)

USS A-7 (Shark) (SS-8)

The following men were lost while serving on vessels that were not sunk.  Men who were lost in non-sinking events whose vessels were later lost are included with their shipmates on the individual boats' pages.

Click on a man's name to go to his personal memorial page on this site.  Photographs and personal information are needed as indicated in the column at right.

  Name Submarine/Command Photo
1 Larz Ernest Anderson S-14 (SS-119)  Needed

Martin Anderson

C-4 (Bonita) (SS-15)  Needed
3 Ignacio Arbozo S-37 (SS-142)  Needed
4 Brewer Bernard Ballard Argonaut (SS-166)  Yes
5 Edward Burke Barrett S-36 (SS-141)  Needed
6 Frank Clinton Becton S-10 (SS-115)  Needed
7 Ralph Henry Benesch R-5 (SS-82)  Needed
8 John Campbell D-2 (SS-18)  Needed
9 Neal Scaife Cash O-1 (SS-62)  Needed
10 Leroy Eugene Chandler Bonita (SS-165)  Needed

Earle Wayne Freed Childs

HMS H-5  Yes

Guy Hamilton Clark, Jr.

E-2 (Sturgeon) (SS-25)  Needed
13 Howard Burton Clough Chewink (ASR-3)  Yes
14 Ollie James Cooke S-49 (SS-160)  Needed

John Francis Cullen

R-23 (SS-100)  Needed

Jesse Mellon Currie

A-7 (Shark) (SS-8)  Needed

Marvin W. Daglow

R-15 (SS-92)  Needed
18 Virgil Lee Dean S-37 (SS-142)  Needed

John E. Dreffein

R-6 (SS-83)



James E. Egan

S-2 (SS-106)  Yes

Albert Timothy Faley

O-15 (SS-76)


22 Claire Daniel Fellds S-49 (SS-160)  Needed
23 William J. Flaherty Fulton (AS-1) (Submarine Tender)  Needed
24 Claude Edward Fuller S-17 (SS-122)  Needed
25 Henry Arthur Gaddis Rainbow (AS-7) (Submarine Tender)  Needed
26 Zanvill Gartner S-37 (SS-142)  Needed
27 Carlton Fred Gaskill Canopus (AS-9) (Submarine Tender)  Needed
28 Eugene F. Gross R-3 (SS-80)  Needed

Edward Manuel Guerrero

S-24 (SS-129)  Yes
30 Norman Joseph Habel S-34 (SS-139)  Yes
31 Edgar Wilson Hampson Holland (AS-3) (Submarine Tender)  Yes
32 Samuel E. Herman Castine (PG-6), serving as a sub tender  Needed

Ira Dell Hixon

A-7 (Shark) (SS-8)  Yes

John H. Hoffman

S-31 (SS-136)  Needed
35 Merrill Sylvester Holmes S-41 (SS-146)  Yes
36 Theodore Holst, Jr. S-49 (SS-160)  Needed

Otho George Hopewell

A-7 (Shark) (SS-8)  Needed
38 Lewis Mike Hurst D-2 (SS-18)  Needed
39 Paul William Frederick Huschke Holland (AS-3) (Submarine Tender)  Yes
40 Arthur Martin Jacobs A-7 (Shark) (SS-8)  Needed
41 Andrew George Kimbel R-18 (SS-95)  Yes
42 John C. Klimach S-22 (SS-127)  Needed

Joseph John Kuczmarski

S-15 (SS-120)  Needed

Joseph Anthony Kunz

A-7 (Shark) (SS-8)



Harold Holden Lang

A-7 (Shark) (SS-8)  Yes

Royal Allen Leese

L-10 (SS-50)  Yes

Herman William Ley

A-3 (Grampus) (SS-4)  Needed
48 Charles Leonard Lockwood O-14 (SS-75)  Yes
49 Joseph Logan* E-2 (Sturgeon) (SS-25)  Yes
50 William Franklin Logan Salmon (SS-182)  Needed
51 John George Lustig R-19 (SS-96)  Needed
52 Austin Maeder S-12 (SS-117)  Needed
53 Alden Armand Marcotte Argonaut (SS-166)  Needed

Arnold Marcus

A-7 (Shark) (SS-8)  Yes
55 Earl Leander Masters Salmon (SS-182)  Yes
56 Charles David Maxson S-18 (SS-123)  Needed
57 Theodore Gilyard May A-3 (Grampus) (SS-3)  Needed
58 Wesley McCartney C-5 (SS-16)  Needed
59 Ralph Edward McCormack S-49 (SS-160)  Yes
60 Alonzo Allison McKinley R-12 (SS-89)  Needed
61 Joe Francis McMullen Pigeon (ASR-6) (Sub Rescue Vessel)  Needed
62 John Joseph McShane S-49 (SS-160)  Needed

Clifford L. Miller

S-14 (SS-119)  Needed
64 Howard Fred Moore Dolphin (SS-169)  Needed

Joseph Layton Morrison

S-10 (SS-115)  Needed
66 Julian Knox Morrison, Jr. Sealion (SS-195)  Yes
67 James H. Peck* E-2 (Sturgeon) (SS-25)  Yes
68 Stanislaus Pestka N-1 (SS-53)  Needed
69 Jesse Eugene Pettit Rainbow (AS-7)  Yes
70 Carl Harwood Ramsey S-30 (SS-135) (formerly)  Needed
71 Venancio Cariaga Ranjo Nautilus (SS-168)  Needed
72 William Richard Robinson, Jr. V-2 (SF-5); later named Bass (SS-164)  Needed
73 Joseph Schaefer A-2 (Adder) (SS-3)  Needed
74 Theodore Schaiblin A-7 (Shark) (SS-8)  Yes
75 John P. Schultz* E-2 (Sturgeon) (SS-25)  Needed

Roy Bernard Seaber

E-2 (Sturgeon) (SS-25)  Needed
77 Clarence Budge Shepherd Nautilus (SS-168)  Yes
78 Eddie Paul Smith S-17 (SS-122)  Needed

Frank Amzi Spalsbury

R-6 (SS-83)  Needed
80 Charles Henry Stewart S-34 (SS-139)  Needed
81 Clarence Weaver Sudsburg T-2 (SS-60)  Yes
82 Andrew Jack Taylor S-45 (SS-156)  Yes
83 George Leonial Terrill Fulton (AS-1) (Submarine Tender)  Needed

Alfred Charles Thiemann

O-12 (SS-73)  Needed

Raymond B. Thomas

S-40 (SS-145)  Needed
86 Arthur Royden Thompson S-47 (SS-158)  Needed
87 Calvin August Vollrath C-4 (Bonita) (SS-15)  Needed
88 Louis Clinton Wagoner S-46 (SS-157)  Yes
89 Russell Barnell Weibye Beaver (AS-5) (Submarine Tender)  Needed
90 Horace Elmer Whitaker L-3 (SS-42)  Yes
91 Charles Clifford White Holland (AS-3) (Submarine Tender)  Needed
92 Floyd Manford Wilson S-11 (SS-116)  Needed
93 Fred Gardner Yarnell Nautilus (SS-168) or Holland (AS-3) (Submarine Tender)  Yes
94 Ernest Armando Zambon SAILFISH (SS-192) (formerly SQUALUS)  Needed
  (unverified) B-1 (Viper) (SS-10)  Needed


E-1 (Skipjack) (SS-24)  Needed


L-9 (SS-49)  Needed


USS S-49 (SS-160) crew members Matthew Timothy Greenville, Frederick France Horn, and Gustave Vernon Johnson, who were previously listed here as "unverified" losses, all survived the injuries they suffered in the battery explosion on S-49. Other men who were injured in the explosion were Francis Leo Conway, Daniel Ford, and Sylvester Erle Matlock. Robert C. Sismore had already transferred off of S-49, and was not aboard the boat when the explosion occurred.

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