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Aircraft Carrier Taiho

Taiho, sunk by USS Albacore



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Patrol 1

28 Aug 1942-20 Oct 1942

No ships sunk; 3 ships damaged

Patrol 2

11 Nov 1942-20 Dec 1942

(transport claimed)

天龍 Tenryu

Patrol 3

20 Jan 1943-11 Mar 1943

(escort claimed, credited to Albacore in JANAC; sinking not confirmed in Alden and Japanese sources)

大潮 Oshio

Patrol 4

4 Apr 1943-26 May 1943

No ships sunk

Patrol 5

16 Jun 1943-31 Jul 1943

No ships sunk; 1 ship damaged

Patrol 6

23 Aug 1943-26 Sep 1943

平壌丸 Heijo Maru

Patrol 7

12 Oct 1943-5 Dec 1943

乾山丸 Kenzan Maru

Patrol 8

26 Dec 1943-22 Feb 1944

第二号長江丸 Choko Maru #2

Hayabusa-Tei #4 (small vessel often not included in sinkings, and not credited to Albacore in JANAC)

漣 Sasanami

Patrol 9

29 May 1944-16 Jul 1944

大鳳 Taiho

Taiei Maru (small vessel often not included in sinkings, and not credited to Albacore in JANAC)

Patrol 10

6 Aug 1944-25 Sep 1944

新月 Shingetsu Maru

#3江口丸 Eguchi Maru #3 (small Japanese Naval vessel often not included in sinkings, and not credited to Albacore in JANAC)

Cha-165 (may have been damaged and survived)

Patrol 11

28 Oct 1944-7 Nov 1944 (lost)

No known ships sunk. USS Albacore was lost on this patrol.

Current research credits Albacore with sinking 12 ships, 50,911 tons (two were small vessels totalling 155 tons often not included in sinkings)

JANAC - 10 ships, 49,861 tons. Note that the criteria JANAC used included all Japanese Naval vessels (although JANAC did not usually count warships less than 500 tons that were converted from merchant ships) and all Japanese merchant vessels of 500 or more gross tons known or believed to have been lost during the war. Differences between JANAC figures and current research are noted above.

Alden-McDonald credit Albacore with 11 ships and 49,908 tons sunk (Cha-165 is not credited to Albacore).

SORG credits Albacore with 12 ships and 72,300 tons sunk, plus 6 ship damaged, 30,900 tons.

Wrecksite credits Albacore with 12 ships and 55,153 tons sunk.


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Japanese Merchant Ship photos - Wrecksite - copyright owners retain all rights. Photos used on this site will be taken down should the owner request their removal.


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