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D. T. Smith

Photo Needed

Purple Heart 

Rank/Rate Motor Machinist's Mate, Second Class
Service Number *
Birth Date *
From *
Decorations Purple Heart
Submarine USS Capelin (SS-289)
Loss Date December 1, 1943
Location Off Celebes possibly off Kaoe Bay
Circumstances Lost at sea, cause unknown

*Information needed.  Records for this man are unverified.  The original source listing him is U.S. Submarine Losses - World War II. He appears in the 1946 edition, was removed in the 1949 edition, and re-entered in the 1963 edition. "Smith, D. T." never appears in Capelin's muster rolls (two other Smiths do, and are accounted for in our listings). He is not listed as lost in NARA, Navy Casualty, DPAA, ABMC, or the SubVets of WWII documentation. We believe that "D. T. Smith" was not aboard the vessel when she was lost, if ever. Please contact us if you have any information.

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  Smith, D. T.

Ryo Han