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USS Canopus (AS-9)


The submarine tender USS Canopus (AS-9) received severe damage when hit by heavy bombers on December 29, 1941. She lost six of her crew in the attack, with another six wounded. She was later scuttled off Manila Bay rather than face capture by the enemy.  Her crew was used in the defense of Bataan and Corregidor.  A large number of her crew died in the Philippine Islands, during transport to POW camps in Japan, or in the camps themselves.  The listing below is probably incomplete. 

Click on a man's name to go to his personal memorial page on this site.  Research is ongoing, and many pages have recently been updated.  Photographs and personal information are needed as indicated in the column at right.

  Name Photo
1 David Louis Aarhaus  Yes
2 Chester Lee Abrams  Needed
3 Harry Edward Adams*  Yes
4 William Fabian Allard  Yes
5 James Douglas Allen  Needed
6 Eugene Allan Ambro*  Yes
7 John Bertram Arnaud*  Yes
8 Benjamin Franklin Autrey*  Yes
9 Robert William Baer*  Yes
10 Paul Reginald Baggett  Needed
11 Vincent Leonard Bailey  Yes
12 Virgil Kenneth Baldwin  Yes
13 Charles Sherman Barker  Yes
14 Woods Richardson Barlow  Yes
15 Donald Patrick Barrett  Yes
16 Robert Leon Barrows  Yes
17 Joseph John Beisler  Yes
18 Theodore Stanley Berry  Needed
19 John Cunningham Brakey Biddle  Yes
20 Charles Acle Bishop*  Yes
21 Wilbur Burdett Blackburn  Needed
22 Dwaine Gale Bond  Yes
23 William Branchen, Jr.  Yes
24 Ralph Emory Brendlinger  Yes
25 Ralph John Brennan  Yes
26 Don Baily Bristow  Yes
27 Richard Cloyd Brittingham  Needed
28 Ellis Richard Brown  Needed
29 William Burns*  Yes
30 George Dwight Butler*  Yes
31 Walter Kohler Byers, Jr.  Needed
32 Jack Rudolph Byrd  Yes
33 Peter Caioly  Yes
34 Waid Bertram Calhoun*  Yes
35 John Nelson Cambron  Yes
36 John Judson Campbell  Needed
37 William Theodore Carpenter*  Needed
38 John Franklin Casey*  Needed
39 George Reece Chaney  Yes
40 Joseph Gordon Chenoweth  Yes
41 George John Chopchik  Yes
42 Roy Lee Clack*  Yes
43 Charles Porter Claffy  Yes
44 Vernon Floyd Clark  Yes
45 Alva Leroy Clary  Yes
46 Claude Dewitt Combs*  Yes
47 Alonzo Edger Cook, Jr.  Yes
48 Benjamin Franklin Coon*  Yes
49 Alva Roberts Cowan  Needed
50 Joseph Theodore Cox*  Yes
51 Leonard Crane  Yes
52 James Hollie Darling  Yes
53 Leonard Joseph Deck  Needed
54 Vernon Melvin Deck*  Yes
55 Victorino Deguzman  Needed
56 John Porter Derrington  Yes
57 George Dudley Edwards  Needed
58 John William Elliot  Yes
59 Feliciano Elvina  Needed
60 Edward Howard Engblom  Yes
61 Clarence DeVere Fairchild, Jr.  Yes
62 Henry Joseph Fisher, Jr.  Needed
63 Morris Alton Flagg  Needed
64 Clarence Stewart Foss*  Yes
65 Kenneth Carl France*  Yes
66 Orlan Elwin Fuller  Needed
67 Eugene Arthur Gammon*  Yes
68 William Burton Gay  Yes
69 Lawrence Junior Gibbs  Needed
70 Bill Edmond Gillespie  Needed
71 Jesse James Gilliam  Needed
72 Farrell Cyrus Girkin*  Needed
73 Robert James Gisner  Needed
74 Charles Francis Glover  Needed
75 Edgar Henry Goslin*  Needed
76 Joseph Anthony Granes  Yes
77 Dewitt Osborn Graves  Yes
78 Charles Ambrose Guyon  Needed
79 Alton Henry Hall  Yes
80 Joseph Ambrose Halpin  Yes
81 Dewey Lee Hardy  Yes
82 Roland Eugene Harrell  Yes
83 John Soloman Harris  Yes
84 Lamar Hugo Hartje  Yes
85 Jenness Peraly Haskell  Needed
86 Edward Warren Hastings  Yes
87 Bazil Muse Hatfield, Jr.  Yes
88 Maurice Charles Havey  Yes
89 Adolph Hede  Yes
90 William Louis Hershey*  Needed
91 Ross Eldon Hippler*  Yes
92 Allen Albert Hirst*  Yes
93 Kermit Ward Hodges  Yes
94 David Carroll Howard  Needed
95 Frederick Christopher Howell  Needed
96 Ernest John Hubal  Needed
97 Lawrence Thomas Hughes*  Yes
98 Edward Jennings Hutchison  Yes
99 Lester Dale Jackson  Yes
100 Howard Frank Jaquin  Yes
101 Donald Charles Jensen  Yes
102 Arthur Johnson  Needed
103 Harlan Wayne Johnson  Yes
104 Robert Edward Johnson  Yes
105 William Beecher Jones  Needed
106 Leo Benedict Kalamaja*  Yes
107 John Edward Kanae*  Yes
108 Harry Edwin Karwoski*  Needed
109 Harold Gene Kelley  Yes
110 Charles Raymond Kelly  Yes
111 Benjamin Franklin Kennedy  Yes
112 Murry Bryan Kimball  Needed
113 Horace Edward King  Yes
114 Kenneth Harold Kinney  Yes
115 Lloyd Elmer Klett, Jr.  Yes
116 Adam Jack Klupp*  Yes
117 Mark John Koep  Yes

Charles Herman Kramb, Jr.

119 David Lexton Latham*  Needed
120 Charles Frederick LeComte  Yes
121 George Waldon Lee*  Yes
122 Clifford Stanley Lesurf  Yes
123 Robert Simon Lewis  Yes
124 Edward James Lloyd  Yes
125 Otto James Lyon*  Needed
126 Donald Dale Mackey  Yes
127 Jose Malazo  Needed
128 Joseph Malysicwski  Needed
129 Kenneth James Matchett*  Needed
130 Jacob Mathis  Yes
131 Clyde Maxwell  Needed
132 Richard Henry Mayberry  Yes
133 Virgil Ford McClatchey*  Yes
134 Nicholas Joseph McCormack  Yes
135 Charles Francis McCoy  Needed
136 William Thomas McCranie*  Needed
137 Walter Rea McCuen*  Yes
138 Raymond Kermit McIntire  Needed
139 Francis Joseph McManus  Yes
140 Ferdinand Frank Meringolo  Yes
141 Darius Thomas Midgett  Yes
142 Walter Herschel Mitchell  Yes
143 Robert Bruce Monroe  Needed
144 Harold Martin Moore  Needed
145 Keith Noel Morrell  Yes
146 J. Earl Moulton  Needed
147 Anderson Mitchell Munn  Needed
148 Jack Kenneth Nash*  Yes
149 Bethel Veech Otter  Yes
150 Gilbert Ernest Palmer  Needed
151 William Harrison Patrick*  Yes
152 Woodrow David Patterson*  Yes
153 Loren Boyd Penter*  Needed

Paul Edward Perry

155 Herbert Laverne Phelps  Yes
156 George Hendrick Phifer  Yes
157 Clark Allen Philson*  Yes
158 Nicholas Frank Piacun  Yes
159 Arthur William Pinkham  Yes
160 Paul Webster Pinkham*  Yes
161 Justino Pletado  Needed
162 Luther Melvin Pliler*  Yes
163 Frank Jay Potter*  Yes
164 John Michael Powell*  Yes
165 Odeen Delano Powell*  Yes
166 Reese Powell  Needed
167 Ray Sherman Pryor  Needed
168 Howard William Purinton  Yes
169 Benjamin Nathan Rauch, Jr.*  Needed
170 Frederick Scott Ravin  Yes
171 Frank Anthony Re  Yes
172 Solomon Reeves  Needed
173 William Lloyd Reiter  Yes
174 William Henry Rex  Needed
175 Lloyd Houghten Schantz  Yes
176 Charles William Schnabel  Needed
177 William Theodore Schneider  Yes
178 Donald Allen Selvig  Yes
179 Robert Glenn Shove  Yes
180 Kenneth Woodrow Shumway*  Yes
181 Benjamin Ford Siegel  Yes
182 Ansel King Simpson  Yes
183 Percy Henry Simpson  Needed
184 Peter Smetana  Yes
185 Howard Bruce Smith*  Needed
186 Julio Forest Smith  Yes
187 Rudolph Paul Steck  Yes
188 George Edward Stires  Yes
189 Peter Paul Swinconos*  Yes
190 Forest Lee Taylor*  Needed
191 James Leon Taylor*  Yes
192 Linzia Coy Teem  Needed
193 Arthur Joseph Thumme  Yes
194 Charles Richard Tinker*  Yes
195 Paul Sanford Tulloch  Needed
196 Lawrence Franklin Tyree*  Needed
197 Guy Vance  Needed
198 Thomas Edwin Wall  Yes
199 Edward Clarence Webber*  Yes
200 Lynn Clayton Weeman  Yes
201 Leonard Michael Weis  Yes
202 John Lytle Welch  Yes
203 Manuel Owen Whitaker  Yes
204 William Douglas Wiley  Needed
205 Paul John Wilkens  Yes
206 William Wojtkielewicz*  Needed
207 Kenneth Charles Wood  Needed
208 Thaddeus Wresinski*  Yes
209 Robert Sanford Wright  Yes
210 Marion Richard Yeargin  Yes
211 Ralph William Young  Needed
212 Squire Boone Zane  Yes

*Men who died when the Hellship Arisan Maru, transporting Allied Prisoners of War from the Philippines to Japan, was sunk on October 24, 1944 by USS Shark (SS-314).

John S. Harrington, previously listed on this page, was actually John Leroy Harrington.  Records show that he survived the War in POW camp, was released, and returned home.

Records for George Phillip Trichler, who was previously listed on this page, show that he was not killed in the War, and was discharged from the Navy on July 23, 1943.

Research has shown that James Edward Carpenter and Frank King, who were previously listed on this page, were liberated form Prisoner of War camp, and survived the War.

We are presently researching William Henry Glass, Machinist, who may have joined the Canopus crew in 1941.

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