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USS O-5 (SS-66)


The following men were lost while serving on USS O-5 (SS-66).  Three men, including the then-Commanding Officer, died in a battery explosion which occurred on October 5, 1918, in the New York Navy Yard.  The boat was later sunk after collision with SS ABANGAREZ (United Fruit Company) off the Panama Canal, on October 28, 1923. Crew member Henry Breault was awarded the Medal of Honor for "heroism and devotion to duty" for his actions on that day. He was the first submariner and only enlisted man to receive the Nation's highest award while serving in the U.S. Submarine Force.

Click on a man's name to go to his personal memorial page on this site.  Photographs and personal information are needed as indicated in the column at right.

  Name Photo

Clyde Edward Hughes


Thomas Theodore Metzler


William Joseph Sharkey*


Fred Collins Smith

5 George Arthur Trever*  Yes

*Died in non-sinking accident.

Please note that James L. Still, who was previously listed on this page, survived the injuries he suffered in the battery explosion on October 5, 1918.

The following USS O-5 crew members survived the sinking.  The names of ten men have not yet been verified.  Please contact us if you have any information on these men.

1 Carl Angle
2 Harrison Avery (Commanding Officer)
3 Bruce Baty (under research)
4 Henry Breault (Medal of Honor)
5 Lawrence T. Brown
6 Charles R. Butler
7 Alexander Smith Edward
8 unverified
9 unverified
10 unverified
11 unverified
12 unverified
13 unverified
14 unverified
15 unverified
16 unverified

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