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Francis Joseph McManus

Francis Joseph McManus

 Silver StarPrisoner of War Medal

Rank/Rate Lieutenant, Chaplin Corps
Service Number 0-077981
Birth Date January 18, 1905
From Cleveland, Ohio
Decorations Silver Star, Prisoner of War Medal
Ship USS Canopus (AS-9)
Date of Death January 25, 1945
Location Aboard Hellship Brazil Maru bound for Japan
Circumstances Died as a Prisoner of War

“When an armor-piercing bomb exploded in the vicinity of the
after magazine crushing or exploding 70 rounds of ammunition,
killing 6 men and wounding 6 others, and starting fires in adjacent
compartments, Chaplain McManus, with complete disregard for
his own safety, entered the smoke and steam filled engine room,
assisted in removing the wounded and administered the last rites
to the dying. His courageous action, beyond the call of duty and
in the face of grave danger, is in keeping with the highest traditions
of the United States Naval Service.”

From the citation for the Silver Star Medal.

Information courtesy of Paul W. Wittmer.


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  McManus, Francis Joseph

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